Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An ideal spot

The Banks Island wind farm project which has found a bit of controversy in the last few days locally, is getting a more positive reaction in the press further away.

With an agreement in place with Deutsche Bank for development of the beginning of the project contingent on an agreement with BC Hydro, Katabatic power is hoping to have things underway by next year.

The start up phase to develop the first 700-megawatt tranche of the wind project will cost Deutsche Bank 1.5 billion Canadian, to generate power not only for the BC grid, but for export to Alberta as well as the Pacific coastal states of Washington, Oregon and California.

How big the Banks Island wind farm actually gets depends on many factors, including attaining permits and something even more elemental, securing agreements with British Columbia, which owns the land on the island.

The Banks Island project is a companion project to the Mount Hays wind farm, which is expected to move forward in the months to come as well.

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