Sunday, January 14, 2007

In Podunk, at least the plows can start...

While we occassionally question the strategy of snow removal and road sanding here in Podunk, we must admit that at least the city doesn't have a problem getting the plows and trucks to actually start.

Such is not the case in Saskatchewan this weekend, as another Prince, this one Prince Albert has had to keep the plows off the roads due to the bitterly cold temperatures. While the snow piles up around the city, the trucks and plows remained locked in their compound unable to start.

A blizzard hit the Prince Albert area last Wednesday and as the temperature dropped to near minus 40, the hydraulics on the city works machinery has failed leaving the city to fend for itself as far as snow removal goes.

Suddenly our little blast of winter last week, now giving way to our legendary wind and rains doesn't seem all that dire.

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