Saturday, January 27, 2007

"If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't,"

It's a fine line between common sense and outright stupidity, but sometimes a man's gonna cross the line to the dark side.

A fellow in Washington state is in trouble with the law, but evern more distressing for him is the fact he's in trouble with his mother in law.

Aaron de Bruyn, was released from a Washington state jail after being charged with fourth degree domestic violence, after an incident which saw him taser his mother in law.

The problems began when de Bruyn, swatted his child on the butt after the young seven month old toddler made a grab for some electrical wires. Grandma objected to the use of physical affirmation towards his young one, which resulted in an argument with the mother in law.

Apparently not in the mood for a lecture, de Bruyn ordered his mother in law out of the house, she refused his request so he pulled out his 50,000-volt Taser X26 energy weapon and gave her a shot in the arm.

Police were called and in the end the one who left the house was de Bruyn. It's not known if he's returned to his house, or even been allowed to return to his house. But one thing is certain, he probably won't be going to the Mother in Laws house for Sunday dinner any time in the near future.

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