Thursday, January 25, 2007

Phasers on stun?

The US military is testing out a new weapon that they feel may be quite helpful in the future for those missions where they need to move people along and away from the area of operations.

The ray gun will send out a 130 degree F ray of heat, from as far away as 500 yards. The firing mechanism is mounted on what seems to be a satalite like dish which is mounted on top of a mobile vehicle such as a Humvee. While the rays won't burn the subject, it will make them feel as though they are going to burn, giving them a reason to head for a less uncomfortable area.

Designed by the military but built by Ratheon, the new weapon is seen as the wave of the future for military forces who may have to operate in crowded urban areas and other locales where lethal force is not required for the task at hand.

Like the crew of the Starship Enterprise when faced with unknown situations, the operators will merely have to fire off a quick burst of energy to take care of business. There are many possible uses for this science fiction like weapon, though if this video clip from You Tube is any indication, it may find use as a way of sending television reporters giggling off into the woods.

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