Sunday, January 28, 2007

Can we get a witness from the video generation?

The camera phone and the digital camera, they are the lifeblood of many a teenager, the intrusive instruments of unsolicited infamy and they are getting used more and more each day, by people that are being called the citizen paparazzi.

The Slate website has an interesting and rather entertaining short film about the camera phone and its new place in day to day events of our lives.

From Saddam’s hanging, to the latest celebrity snapshot, revealing those that can’t park a car, or just wish to share a rude moment with the world, more and more often we are finding that the hand held attachment to your arm is gaining more and more celebrity.

And now it’s going to feed your bank account, You Tube is working out the details on paying that growing number of participants who post their mini epics to the website, so if you’re stuff is up to snuff, that five minute tribute to your skateboarding acumen or cute pooch pics could be your ticket to not only fame, but maybe if the hits line up fortune as well!

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