Saturday, January 20, 2007

Podunkian Music Club

Johnny Cash--God’s Gonna Cut You Down

His voice was fading at the time of recording and soon after his life would fade as well. But still, till the end, the Man could weave a tale.

One of Johnny Cash’s last recordings is our showpiece for the Music Club tonight. With a video for God’s Gonna Cut You Down taken from his American Recordings V project, A Hundred Highways. The vocal tracks for the album were recorded shortly before his passing, but the finished product did not come out for another two years, making it a controversial release, but one that was guided nicely by Rick Rubin who had been part of the Cash renaissance these last number of years.

It’s a stark black and white roll of many that were touched by his music and some that you’ll probably ask whatever the connection to the Man in Black might have been. Some you will recognize and others will have you replaying the video to try and make the face and the connection.

Throughout the video are flashes of Cash acting as a bridge to some of the clips making for a fascinating farewell of sorts to one of music’s true giants.

The sound is typical Cash, the man’s voice edged with age and knowledge, his guitar and a solitary drum, combined with hand clapping and stomping in the background beat through the three minutes proclaiming his now final words of wisdom.

It all culminates in the final moments, as the car pulls up to a cliff side and a bouquet is tossed into the sea, a final and deserved salute to a mentor and icon.

Artist-Johnny Cash
Recording-American Recordings V: A Hundred Highways

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