Sunday, January 21, 2007

Never mind Obama, she'll be your Mama!

The Democrats dominated the American news cycle again Saturday in the US, as the long anticipated announcement by Hillary Clinton to seek the Presidency was made.

Clinton used the Internet to make her decision public, a little on line streaming chat between friends, announced on her political website.l

Clinton's announcement today marks the ninth time that a woman has sought out the top office, though none had the apparent front runner status that Mrs. Clinton seems to have at this moment.

She brings with her a fair amount of knowledge from her current status in the US Senate and of course from the two terms of office that her husband Bill held in residence on Pennsylvania Avenue. With all that vast political acumen goes with it a certain amount of political baggage as well however, which may or may not be particularly helpful to her campaign.

Her decision comes shortly after Barrack Obama declared his intentions to seek out the Presidency, also made over the Internet. For a week or so now, Obama has dominated the news with his decision racking up some valuable media coverage and attracting some serious campaign funding to his direction, the move that seemingly stirred the Clinton camp to action.

Obama who wowed the Democrats at their last convention with oratorical style has developed the poise and talking points to make people sit up and pay attention and as a relative new-comer to the political scene he doesn't have as much ancient history as many other Democrats.

There may yet be some more surprise candidates to pop up and declare for the Democrats, having just captured the congressional levers of power in Washington, there is the smell of change in the air in the US Capital.

With a stumbling government in office, an unpopular war carrying forward and uncertainty in the nation about it's current direction, a new message may never get a better hearing.

It's those conditions and much more that have brought Obama and Clinton to the front of the lines for the Democratic nomination, other interested candidates will have to move quickly now, before the two front runners put too much distance between the could Be's and wanna Be's.

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