Monday, January 15, 2007

Strong winds cause excitement at Prince Rupert Harbour

Around 7 am this morning the Coast Guard was called out to the waters in Prince Rupert harbour, as a grain ship scheduled to head to the Grain elevator broke loose from its anchorage.

With strong winds buffeting the shoreline, the vessel drifted into waters off shore and ran aground across the harbour , with the responding Coast Guard vessel unable to provide assistance due to the size of the stricken vessel, a number of local tugs were called in to provide the required assistance to stabilize the situation.

The vessel, the Pacific Paradise is now in the Prince Rupert harbour, having been towed to a safer more sheltered anchorage in the main harbour area.

An initial investigation has determined that there is no damage or leaks to the vessel.

The CBC has the story posted on their website, including a picture of the stricken vessel taken by local CBC announcer Russell Bowers.

Ship grounded by wind on B.C.'s North Coast
Last Updated: Monday, January 15, 2007 11:39 AM PT
CBC News

A large grain ship ripped loose of its moorings and ran aground in the Prince Rupert harbour early Monday morning, as high winds hit the area.

There were no reports of injuries and the crew of the Pacific Paradise is safe, said a spokesman for the Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Victoria.

Troy Haddock said winds of 75 km/h hampered efforts to pull the 225-metre bulk carrier off the rocks to safety.

"The Coast Guard is on scene. However, the vessel that we have on scene is unable to assist a vessel of this size," said Haddock.

However, seven tugs that were called to the scene managed to get the vessel, which has a capacity of 74,000 tonnes, off the rocks a short time later.

Two other grain ships in the harbour were dragging their anchors in the heavy wind, which is expected to subside later in the day.

Haddock said the Pacific Paradise, which is registered in Monrovia, has been checked over since it ran aground, and there are no signs of any damage or leaks.

**Note: Corrections were made to the initial posting of this story, clarifying the location of the incident, which had earlier been stated as in waters off the grain elevator itself.

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