Friday, January 12, 2007

Original gangsters of the United Nations

So the front page of the Vancouver Province might send a few shivers through the headquarters of the World body in New York today, tucked into a photo of a “gentleman’s” club in Vancouver is the descriptive explanation of a pending shoot out war between the Hell’s Angels and the United Nations.

From today's front page of the Province newspaper.

"Brandi's: Police report warns that a 'serious rift' between Hell's Angels and United Nations gangs will likely lead to violence at high-end Vancouver strip club."

Now before the US government gets excited thinks that things have returned to the bad old days and says we told you so, it should be pointed out that the United Nations is not the enforcement wing of former head Kofi Annan and current Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, but instead a local criminal gang common to the Vancouver, British Columbia area.

It seems that like the real UN, there are some disagreements between members of the Vancouver criminal element which according to police, could lead to some serious violence at what is called a high end Vancouver strip club.

While disputes at the United Nations in New York usually end up lost in a bureaucratic maze rarely ever resolved, it would appear that the Vancouver group of the same name is a more hands on, results oriented organization.

No doubt the official United Nations would like to perhaps distance themselves from the Vancouver group of the same name, but in the world of headline slugs it makes for a pretty interesting, if slightly off topic bit of reading.

One which will no doubt have delegates to the New York based group busy googling things up for the next little while.

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