Saturday, January 13, 2007

Never mind the lawsuit, do we have to give back our campfire badges?

Oh, Oh, better hold onto those merit badges... for a little while anyways.

The US government is arguing in a Salt Lake City court, that a group of 17 Boy scouts ages 12-14 were responsible for a huge forest fire in Utah in 2002, which consumed a 14,200-acre wildfire and cost the government 12 million dollars to control.

Legal counsel for the Scouts suggest that the young campers were proper in their campfire etiquette and that perhaps someone else came by later and started the fire that raged out of control.

In a smart move for the 17 Scouters and their council, they are seeking a trial by jury. Imagine the optics of 17 scouters in full uniform, badges and all up against the dark forces of the US Prosecutors office.

The Government had better make sure the jury is full of folks that got some pretty rancid apples on Apple Day, were never helped across the road by a boy scout or never had a good deed done each day for them.

Otherwise one would think that this is alaready a lost case for the government.

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