Thursday, December 22, 2005

Two more sleeps till lift off!

Santa makes his annual trek around the world in only a few more days and the folks at NORAD are set for another night of Santa tracking.

The NORAD website has been updated with the latest technology, to give all those that believe, the chance to track their favourite Chief Executive Elf. Be sure to check out the cool download section, where there are a number of activities available for the young ones to use before they get ready to go to bed.

With radar scopes and fighter escorts, Santa will travel from East to West on Christmas Eve, marking the 50th year that the Continens Defence units have been tasked to keep Santa safe and lend a helping hand.

Check it all out at the NORAD site, where on Christmas Eve video reports and radar projections will follow Mr. Claus as he makes his rounds.

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