Thursday, December 29, 2005

Perhaps a time out is in order!

Ah yes, another day, another idiotic comment from a Liberal. Paul Martin must be wondering what he's done to deserve to be saddled up with such a bunch of stumble bums. In what is becoming a daily parade of mis-steps, the Liberals once again find themselves under the glare of the spotlight, as yet one more candidate or political hack finds that he must dig his way out of a latrine of his own making...

The latest Liberal candidate for self destruction is David Emerson, who recently compared Jack Layton to having Boiled dogs face smile. Apparently a quaint Chinese statement taught to him by his Hong Kong born wife, Theresa Yeuk Si-Tang. Who it seems is at least more entertaining than Emerson as far as public speaking goes and one suspects better at recounting Chinese sayings. Emerson says he only used the term in jest, a happy go lucky bit of reverie, designed to entertain the local Liberals at one of those interminable bun fests one must go to as a candidate.

Of course, some folks might argue that suggesting that someone has a Boiled Dogs Face smile is not exactly a Dale Carnegie moment. In fact some suggest that it's a literal translation of an old Chinese insult, and considering the recent Liberal travails with Chinese dogs and such, probably it might have been a wiser strategy to find a less abrasive bit of verbal battle. Better yet, perhaps the Liberals should just stay away from those wonderful, yet not easily translated bits of Chinese lore.

Not wishing that the nation descend into politically correct boredomfest, we at the Podunk truly hope that the Liberal handlers and candidates keep on trucking. They've taken over that wonderful turf held by the Conservatives of the last election, where every day offered up yet another bombastic bit of theatre, guaranteed to make Stephen Harper wish he'd stayed with the exciting world of Economics, tax matters and lobbying.

No instead in this election, Harper has been able to keep his shoot from the lip gang tightly monitored, there have been no sound bytes from hell to deal with thus far, as the Conservatives reveal remarkable discipline.

Instead all the gaffes belong to Paul's pals, the formerly urbane and supposedly sophisticated Liberals, who always seemed to look down their noses at the uncultured ways of the opposition parties. Now its that same Liberal gene pool that makes up the growing group of chatty cats, a group who deliver to the media on a daily basis, the grist for the lampoon mill.

Somebody at Liberal control had best get the word out that a few time outs might be timely things at the moment. Advice from old Mama Liberal, that if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, then don't say anything at all, just might be the golden rule to self preservation to live by.

Perhaps Mrs. Emerson can provide the Prime Minister with a quaint expression to describe a candidate who causes his leader much in the way of political indigestion. Otherwise if this trend continues, the Liberals may find themselves out of time and out of office by January 23rd.

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