Thursday, December 15, 2005

Geez! Maybe Scott Reid was right!

There was a lot more than pampers, juice, Barney and the Tele-Tubbies at a daycare in Vernon, as RCMP raided the living quarters of an Interior day care centre. Police sent in an undercover operative who purchased a quantity of drugs from a relation of the operator of a local daycare centre. The undercover officer noticed other irregularities in the apartment at the time and the Mounties went and got a search warrant which they executed on Saturday, effectively shutting down the daycare centre on Monday

At the time of the raid they also discovered a number of firearms, cash and other drug paraphernalia scattered around the living quarters. The Northern Interior Health Authority took immediate action to shut down the daycare centre which was adjacent to the living quarters, even though they claim the operator had no knowledge of her boyfriends sideline business operations.

The raid comes hot on the heels of controversial remarks by Prime Minister Martin’s spokesman Scott Reid, over the Conservative party’s daycare policies. At the time Reid said that parents might be inclined to spend any daycare monies provided on popcorn and beer. In Vernon, at one daycare centre that might have been the least of our worries.

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