Friday, December 09, 2005

A Hard Rain's gonna fall and fall and fall!

Podunkians are battening down the hatches and servicing the sump pumps as one of our legendary frontal systems prepares to arrive. Our friends at Environment Canada have issued a Weather Warning for the North Coast. For those watching on the Weather Network, we will be that corner of the map to the left with the big big cloud system stranded over Podunk.

It's estimated that Podunk will receive over 100 mm of rain over the next 24-36 hours as a front system is "draped" over the North Coast.

This follows a rather nasty day Thursday, where rain and wind buffeted the North Coast.

If your faithful Podunk correspondent is away from the keyboard for a while, it's only to make sure the Ark is still seaworthy. Podunkians like to console themselves with the thought that at least we don't have to shovel it, which may be true, an enjoyable thing when the rest of Canada is hauling out the snowbusters.

But when the rain is pounding down as it appears to be preparing to do, it still doesn't hold much er water, with those that have to go outside! Especially those recalcitrant folks that haven't put their Christmas lights up yet!

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