Friday, December 02, 2005

They Like us, They really, really like uh, to ridicule us!

The Daily show took notes and no prisoners this week, as Jon Stewart noticed the Great White North is trudging in it's mukluks to the polls.

Stewart took five minutes out of a very busy schedule of mocking American officials to turn his gaze northwards. With a picture of Martin with the term Hosed super imposed on the screen, Canada leapt to the attention span of Americans all be it for a brief cameo appearance.

The show poked fun at that quaint American tradition of ignorance on all matters Canadian, including geography, Stewart describing our home and native land as a desolate no man's land taking up room at the top of the map.

Stewart's civic lessons for Americans was followed up by Stephen Colbert, who tackled the Canadian election on his Colbert Report. Colbert examined the start of what is expected to be a nasty Canadian election, by wondering how our polite ways might get in the way of politics as Americans might know it.

With a fifty five day campaign who knows, Canada may end up on the American radar screen once again. Considering the size of the audiences for the Daily Show and the Colbert report, Americans may never learn as much about Canada as they will before January 23rd.

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