Tuesday, December 27, 2005

One mis-step after another

It's baffling sometimes to see that the Liberals continue to lead the polls in the election, considering the amount of damage they seem keep trying to do to themselves.

First there were the snide remarks destined to the representative of the Canadian Association of the Retired Persons early on in the campaign, then the famous Beer and popcorn shot directed towards the average Canadian and their daycare aspirations. There have been references to Nazism in Quebec and then suggestions that the Conservatives won't be tough enough with Quebec.

Today it's the revelations of a reference to Jack Laytons wife and a Chinese dog. Mike Klander who is or maybe that should be was, a high ranking Liberal official in Ontario has been forced to resign his position after his blog put up a photo spread with a "separated at birth" section, featuring Olivia Chow, NDP candidate in Toronto and wife of NDP leader Jack Layton side by side with a picture of a chow chow dog. It also included rants and tirades directed at other figures in the campaign, none of them in a particularly flattering light.

Mike Klander stepped down, after his photos which were posted on December 9th became more commonly known as the campaign moved on. Of course besides the embarrassment of being told he's off the campaign the other worrisome trend for him is the fact that no one seemed to notice his blog until now, and with the outcry of disgust at his postings, the Liberals have pulled it off the net. One suspects that his former blog site, which is now vacant with the blog being purged, probably gets more hits now than it ever did before!

Many of his compatriots point out that blogs are highly personal and he was just expressing a personal opinion, all be it in rather crude and childish verbiage. But he should have realized that his position as a high official of the Liberals in Ontario, would make him fair game for those wishing to point out his poorly handled and apparently not very funny witticims. His entries are a signal to many, that the Liberal negative campaign is in ready mode and we guess that he just beat the crowd to the mudpit.

Sounds like he could use the skills of this guy in rebuilding his particular image at the moment.

Update: Thin skinned political hacks? Hmm, you may notice a couple of the links above no longer lead anywhere, seems the folks at Klander et al, didn't like the increased traffic we guess. Too bad cause it was a nice little bit of irony there, what with the principals self professed ability to bring people together and all of that!

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