Wednesday, December 14, 2005

And the search goes on.........

Four months on and Podunk still is without a City manager! This bit of news came out Wednesday with word that City Council is preparing to add to the executive headhunting firms’ bank account, by extending the process of seeking out a new civic administrator.

The replacement for the long since departed Victor Kumar, who left his job in August but remained on the payroll until October, has been going on through the fall and apparently not to much success. The firm charged with identifying and recommending a suitable replacement, came up with one candidate who it seems was on the road to Podunk, until the candidates family stepped in and expressed a hesitancy to relocate to our little corner of the rainforest.

To tide the town over until a permanent administrator can be found, City Council is apparently set to announce an interim manager next week, set to guide Podunk into the New Year and maybe beyond.

As for the permanent replacement, it’s apparently back to square one, with 10 to 15,000 dollars reportedly spent already and extra costs expected as the extended search now continues, the meter continues to tick on that particular tab.

It’s curious that the executive search firm couldn’t have provided a short list of at least five or six possibilities to choose from. Thus not requiring an extension until those names had been vetted and those candidates eliminated. Perhaps they did and either the candidates weren't up to snuff, or we left them wanting.

This hesitancy of anyone suitable to show interest in the job is a worrisome development, it would be interesting to know where Podunk is falling short in the world of executive managers. Perhaps the very public problems of Podunk over the last few years have scared off any potential candidates. One wonders if they’re going to have much more success with more time and more names.

With four months lead time; we would have hoped that one candidate would already be in place. It would be a welcome thing for Podunkians to hear word of a reassuring choice; one who would provide good value for our initial 15,000 dollar investment (not to mention the rather generous salary provided).

Instead, it’s more mystery and mixed messages from the folks at 3rd Avenue and Fulton. Leaving many a Podunkian to wonder just what is going on and why despite the challenges offered up, nobody wants to take what should be a pretty good job.

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