Friday, December 30, 2005

A missed opportunity for Podunk?

Was it not so long ago that wind power was going to be the wave of the future in Podunk? And no we're not talking about the gusts of verbiage from politicians, but actual harnessing of the wind (of which we seem to have no shortage of) and turning it into electricity for the power grids.

While not much has been heard of that around here for a while now, down Squamish way they're heralding the new year with new employment opportunities. Quantum Wind Power Corporation is planning on investing 250 million dollars on a wind turbine factory, manufacturing the turbines to supply renewable energy to a number of companies around North America.

Squamish was touted as the ideal location because of its deep water port, railway access and warehousing infrastructure. Not to mention the need to bring new jobs to the community. Hmm, sounds like a place on the north coast we all might know.

The project will initially provide full time jobs for 300 residents, who have suffered setbacks in the forestry sector over the last few years, including the closing of the pulp mill and sawmill there. Industry officials suggest that with the wind power infrastructure soon to be in place, Squamish stands to be on the leading edge of a new and growing industry.

Good for them, but too bad that a project that had been touted for the North Coast for so many years, seems stalled while other municipalities put together a plan to bring home the deal. We wonder what ever happened to the plans for development at our end of the province?

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