Saturday, December 17, 2005

A peek over the fence

With the American Ambassador asking us to keep the US government out of our election, it’s interesting to note that some in the great bloggerland to the south, are actually keeping an eye on our little traveling road show. Suddenly it seems Canada is on not only the governmental radar but on the blogging radar as well.

The blog Captain’s Quarters which is of the conservative bent, has featured not one but two articles on Canada Friday. The first one was a thorough look at our burgeoning income trust scandal, and a suggestion that no one might take this latest financial trouble seriously until the Security Exchange Commission decides to take a look at what the neighbors are up to. The blog entry focused a lot of attention over the trading patterns on those stocks tied into the trusts and how they exploded in volume just before the Goodale announcement was made.

The second blog entry is about the leader’s debate of Thursday night and what impact the four horsemen of the political apocalypse had in their first head to head discussion. The author found some good points for Stephen Harper and as would be expected for a conservative blog had little kind to say about the performance of the Prime Minister.

The two entries make an interesting take on how some Americans are viewing the happenings of that snowbound land of the north. This is not the first time that the Captain has taken an interest in Canada, he recently has commented on the Scott Reid faux pas and the controversy with the US ambassador. His blog was one of the few American sites that followed the Gomery Commission with any regularity and even posted material considered verboten in Canada, causing a rush to the servers as Canadians sought out that of which they were not supposed to know.

There’s even more interesting reading in the comments section where a number of Canadians offer up their take on the Captain’s findings. It’s a worthwhile stop for a few minutes just to see what some of the folks to the south are thinking of when it comes to their Northern flank.

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