Thursday, December 15, 2005

They made their list, but didn't check it twice!

Yet another gaffe for Liberal organizers this time the folks in Quebec have caused their leader a bit of a PR nightmare. A supposedly confidential memo destined for Liberal executives inadvertently was sent to the nation's media on Thursday.

The memo which presents a doom and gloom scenario for Liberals in Quebec, found its way across the wired universe and onto to many a reporters Blackberry with tidings of joy if you're a Bloc supporter.

The Liberals apparently are expecting to lose 45 seats outright, leaving them with only 30 seats that they feel they at least will remain competitive in. Of that thirty, only ten are considered sure bets, the other twenty apparently still very much in play and could potentially go the way of the bloc.

Word of the misdirected memo comes on the day of the Leaders debate in French, which tends to feature mainly Quebec issues debated by the four main leaders. It should put even more of a spring into the step of Gilles Duceppe, the Bloc Quebecois leader has so far been comfortably in the lead in the province and has seeming little to fear from a Liberal renaissance in the short term.

The communications problem is yet another example of Martin's backroom handlers doing their best to torpedo their man's chances at re-election. The negative vibes coming out of Quebec will certainly make any kind of swell of momentum hard to come by as the campaign drags on towards the January 23rd decision day. Martin might be best served by taking away the microphones, blackberries and internet connections of his backroom workers, every time they hit send or make a phone call he spends the rest of the day trying to find a way to spin things in a positive light. As an old shipping baron Martin must surely understand that it's hard to go full steam ahead, when you're frequently bailing the water out of the bottom of the boat.

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