Thursday, December 01, 2005

Martin Zero for Three on Pop Stars!

It’s a trifecta for Paul Martin as yet another rock star jumps up and slaps down our embattled rocking’ PM. Sir Paul McCartney is the latest to pile on as he criticizes the Prime Minister over the Canadian Seal Hunt. The National Post (sub required) reports that a letter was delivered to the Prime Ministers office on Wednesday, in it McCartney put the Prime Minister on notice over the contentious hunt.

The tone of McCartney’s letter was in the form of a suggestion, that unless Martin calls an end to the seal cull, then McCartney might just show up on an ice flow near you real soon. McCartney it was said is determined and prepared to bring much unwanted attention upon Canada, unless the hunt is brought to an end.

McCartney’s diatribe against Martin makes him number three in line, following in the footsteps of U2’s Bono, who only last week proclaimed that he was crushed and mystified by Martin and his inability to bring Canada to the 0.7 of GDP mark for foreign aid.

Martin’s problems with the musical class began at the time of the G8 summit in June, when Sir Bob Geldof took to microphone and stated that unless Martin was willing to make a commitment, he should just stay at home and not show up at the summit. Martin disregarded the advice, attended the summit and kept his cheque book close to his chest.

This was something that did not impress Sir Bob, who passed the torch on to Bono for his North American tour. Bono took advantage of his visit to Ottawa last week for a concert to once again, poke a stick at the recalcitrant PM.

All three European musicians seem to have set their sights on Martin, while for the most part ignoring other political hold outs such as George Bush, Tony Blair or Jacques Chirac. Which probably seems unfair to Martin, but makes perfect sense for the trio. The Canadian media seems overcome with the stars, reporting every word and gesture with glee. One has to get their respective messages out to the most amenable audience and the Canadian media awaits eagerly the next missive from the musicians.

One can imagine ole Paul, wandering the halls of 24 Sussex (or more likely an airline terminal)humming along to the words, "how long, how long must we sing this song".

Then again as Christmas grows close, music probably will not be on the top of the Martin wish list. It may be that silence, especially silence from the aging pop star crowd, that may be the gift that brings him the most pleasure this year.

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