Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Poster Boy

Not many candidates probably wish for a low profile, but in the case of Stephen Harper and his arrival in the pages of the Washington Times, a little anonymity in DC could go a long way at home.

Patrick Basham (described as a senior fellow at the Cato Institute) has penned a rather effusive commentary in the right wing Times, one which certainly will be posted on Liberal and NDP bulletin boards for the next little while. It's almost a text book guide to everything, everyone is afraid of in a Harper policy book.

Basham calls Harper a potential gift for Bush. Suggesting that a Harper victory would catapult him into the new "best friend" category for the embattled President. Basham goes on to describe Harper as pushing aside Tony Blair, as the potential poster boy for an ideal foreign leader in the eyes of the Bushites.

And while its no secret that Harper probably would have much more in common with the Republican party than Paul Martin, its not something he probably wants highlighted over the next fifty days or so. At least not by think tanks in the United States, which claim a smile for George Bush could come with a Harper election.

Sometimes, it seems that too much good press, can be a bad thing.

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