Thursday, December 29, 2005

Serious Stevie comes to town!

Not that I actually have any real desire to see any of our current political types these days, but it was with interest that I read in the Daily Podunkian that Conservative Leader Steven Harper was in town Wednesday.

Of course by the time I picked up my copy of the Podunkian at 3 pm, he may very well have been out of town, his plan was for a quick visit to the Container Port construction site, a stop out at Ridley to see the sights and then a meet and greet bunfest at the Crest.

The only real indication that there was something up, was the plethora of Mike Scott signs that suddenly appeared along the highway. Lining the route out to the Grain elevator (perhaps so the handlers -political ones not the grain guys and gals- wouldn't get lost) they gave the impression that the Conservatives might have actually had some folks around campaigning for them, though sightings of Mike Scott around these parts have been rare since the campaign first got under way.

It's kind of a confusing little campaign this one, local candidates that keep the lowest of profiles and a national leader that comes to town under some kind of stealth plan. Normally you trumpet your leaders arrival days in advance so as to get a big turnout for those ever popular crowd shots and such. More importantly it might be a handy way for the National leader to find out what the local issues might be in this oft forgotten part of the nation. Not here though, there was precious little advance notice of the visit. Here in Podunk we find out almost by accident that somebody is in town.

Hope Steve enjoyed the stay, wonder if he met any of the locals along the way?

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