Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas is for families!

The long arm of the law was a rather short one in Springfield, Illinois. William Ginglen, 64, received a forty year prison sentence after being convicted Thursday, of a string of armed robberies over the last three years.

Ginglen, who up until the robbery spree was considered a model citizen of the community, had been turned in by his son, a Peoria, Illinois police officer. It seems that Ginglen Jr., recognized Dad on surveillance tapes from the string of robberies and went to work to bring in the fatherly felon.

The life of Mr. Ginglen Sr., began to unravel in 2001 when he lost a number of jobs and descended into a life of crime and drug use. During the crime spree, the elderly bandit committed at least seven robberies, two of them armed. In the two year crimewave he stole over 53,000 dollars, lavished his girlfriend with numerous presents and consorted with a number of prostitutes and crack dealers.

It all ended in November of 2004, when his son went to his house and confronted the father seizing a various pieces of evidence, taking Dad into to the local police which eventually led to his fathers incarceration.

In the understatement of the year, Ginglen's son said "there are no winners here today".

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