Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thanks for your interest, but all positions have been filled! (Thank God)

The thing about elections is the parties riding the top of the polls, always seem to be the ones attracting the crowds to get on the bandwagon.

Such is the case in Quebec, where the Bloc Quebecois candidate for Apraham Naziblian found one would be supporter a little hotter than most. Naziblian who is taking on Immigration Minister Denis Coderre in the Montreal riding of Bourassa.

Bloc Quebecois handlers have had to sidetrack the offers of support from Adil Charkaoui, who was arrested in 2003 under suspicion of ties to the Al Qaida movement. Accusations which he has denied and for which he spent two years in detention without charges, presently out on bail since February with strict conditions, Charkaoui has but one wish to unseat the Minister of Immigration in his own riding.

The Bloc issued a statement that proclaimed "Charkaoui does not have any official role within the party and has not been solicited for help." The optics of a possible terrorist handing out lawn signs and knocking on doors probably isn't a vision that the Bloc would like to see put on the nightly news

Perhaps Gilles Duceppe's call to action of a few days ago, has attracted a few folks that the Bloc might wish would participate in a more quiet form.

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