Friday, December 02, 2005

Podunk-Below the Masthead (December)

A daily look at the BIG TYPE headline of the Podunkian Daily News. We'll list that day's BIG STORY, the one the Daily puts out in the big type just below it's masthead, for all Podunkians to ponder. There will be a link to this feature on the right hand side of the blog. Unfortunately there will be no link to the stories, as the Daily has recently stopped posting its stories in full to the net. Now you just end up at a dead end, asking you to go purchase your paper for (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story.

December 30 "PARTIES VIE TO CLAIM RIDLEY BRAGGING RIGHTS" -- Picking up on the Ridley Island story of yesterday, where Conservative Leader Stephen Harper discussed the potential sale of the Terminal. The Conservatives go on record as being in favor of the transfer of the Terminal to the Port of Prince Rupert.

December 29, "RIDLEY TERMINALS IN ELECTION SPOTLIGHT"-- The Daily recounts Stephen Harper's day in Prince Rupert, his tours of the Grain Elevator and Coal Terminal and how a Conservative government would deal with the issues surrounding them.

December 28, "TORY LEADER IN TOWN TODAY" -- Providing little in the way of a timeline or when one could actually see the guy, the Daily provides news of Conservative leader Steven Harper's plans to tour Prince Rupert.

December 23 "RURAL B. C. STILL LAGS BEHIND" - A glimpse at the differences between the economic growth of the lower mainland and that of the rural areas of the Province.

December 22 "NEW B. C. CRUISE PORT 'WILL GROW INDUSTRY'"- An examination of the opening of a new cruise ship terminal in Campbell River and how it could impact on the Cruise Industry in BC and Prince Rupert.

December 21 "GAMING CRITICS PUT CARDS ON THE TABLE" - Local groups begin to express their concerns about the development of a Community Gambling Centre on the grounds of the old Royal Canadian Legion.

December 20 "BUSINESSES URGED TO HELP SHORE WORKERS" - A call from the UFAWU the union for local shoreworkers , asking for local business to hire a shoreworker this Christmas to help them get over the minimum requirement for Unemployment Insurance.

December 19 "MAN, 81, SAFE AFTER HOME IS HIT BY FIRE"-- One of Prince Rupert's oldest residences was nearly destroyed by a fire Sunday afternoon, forcing an 81 year old man and his dog to flee the flames. The heritage home, located in the 100 block of 9th Avenue East had fire deep seated in the roof area, which eventually destroyed most of the house.

December 16 "PULP MILL DECISION TO BE MADE IN CHINA"-- The seemingly never ending Skeena Cel story enters perhaps its end game as the file is handed off to the Chinese Government for a decision.

December 15 "WORK ON NEW MALL TO BEGIN IN THE SPRING"-- The folks at Royop offer up a timeline on development of the Big Box mall location on highway 16.

December 14 "TOURIST TRAIN TO GO OFFLINE NEXT SEASON"-- Two years of financial losses take their toll on the North Coast Explorer, as the tourist train suspends operations for 2006.

December 13 "CITY CLOSES BRIDGE OVER SAFETY FEARS"--Cow Bay Bridge closes to traffic on Wednesday, its pilings not capable of supporting heavy loads. How the broke city plans on providing repairs to it and other troublesome infrastructure.

December 12 "LOCAL RANGERS PLAY VITAL ROLE FOR ARMY"-- A story about the local ranger unit and their involvement in a military exercise.

December 9 "MP HOPEFULS ON CAMPAIGN TRAIL"-- Tracking the candidates for the three main parties in the Skeena Bulkley Valley.

December 8 "U. S. CONSUL GENERAL LUKENS SEES FUTURE OF COOPERATION"--A recap of the addresss by Lewis Lukens, the American Consul General's to the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce.

December 7 "SERVICE RECOGNIZED"-- A review of Monday night's council meeting and the recognition given to the two departing councilors, Jack Rudolph and Paul Kennedy.

December 6 "GAMING CENTRE PROPOSED"-- An examination of the plans for a gambling centre on the property of the old Legion Hall. Plans include, a bingo hall, slot machines, off track betting, video lottery terminals and a lounge for pay per view activities as well.

December 5 "LOCAL LIBERALS SELECT CANDIDATE"-- Reviewing the weekend selection of local banker Gordon Vincent-Stamp to carry the colours of the Liberals into battle in the Federal Election. Vincent-Stamp will take on the incumbent NDP MP Nathan Cullen and Conservative Mike Scott in the quest for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley Parliamentary seat.

December 2 "SPIRIT BEARS IN THE CITY"-- The Daily previews the upcoming Spirit Bears arts project, which features displays at the Crest Hotel and one sponsored by Scotiabank and on display at the Atlin Terminal.

December 1 "NWCC SIGNS AGREEMENT WITH CHINESE VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE"-- A review of the agreement between the two educational institutes and what it may mean in the way of future exchange programs and partnership opportunities.

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