Tuesday, December 13, 2005

He's but one vote, but sure carries a lot of weight.

He's lost his bully pulpit as he liked to call the cut and thrust of the radio talk show wars. But Rafe Mair has not gone away to quiet woods to reflect and snore. Mair who has held down a post at the Tyee for a while now has weighed in on the Federal Election campaign and the word is good for the Green Party.

Mair crtiques each of the major parties in his article for the Tyee and lands some pretty good blows to all three of our main federal leaders. He succinctly identifies the things that worry most Canadians about each party, their platforms and supporters. Leaving only the Green Party as one in which he feels his vote can be entrusted to.

It in reality probably won't translate into much in the way of votes, but it surely goes a long way in getting the Party's message out to a wider audience. There are still many British Coulmbians who count on Rafe Mair's observations to guide them along a path in the province. Some of them probably couldn't find a Green party candidate to save their souls, but if Rafe says they're fine folk, then they'll get a few votes.

If there is a spike in the Green vote in the tony Shaughnessy neighbourhood or in the estates of British Properties, the local Green candidate can put it down to the Mair effect!

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