Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who's gonna fill his shoes...

He's a sole man...

His political judgement may be called in question most times, his political legacy less than stellar.

But when it comes to reflexes, it seems that President Bush is swift like a cat.

The President appearing in front of a press conference in Baghdad on Sunday, had to duck two size ten shoes, tossed at his head by a protesting Iraqi journalist. Perhaps his ability to duck the shoes has come from ducking the press over his eight years in office.

In the above YouTube moment, destined to be replayed on late night TV shows and those end of the year specials, Bush dodges both shoes with a bemused grin on his face. We suspect that the head of the Secret Service may not find the situation quite as amusing.
There was no sign of his Secret Service detail during all of this shoe tossing, the journalist firing off one shoe, and reloading if you will to fire off the second one.

We're not sure if the Secret Service has beats to walk, but we suspect that those that were supposed to be watching the President on Sunday are about to be reassigned, pounding the pavement in their own size tens...

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