Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's the economy (December edition)

We continue our mission to track the unravelling of the economic order, as Novembers tribulations in the economy morph into the spirit of Christmas and New Years and the hope that things get better, or at least the hope that they don't get any worse.

New York Times

Dec 27-- Win, Win, Win, Win, Win ...
Dec 27-- By Saying Yes, WaMu Built Empire on Shaky Loans
Dec 25-- Barack Be Good
Dec 24-- Global Car Sales Down 21.8% for Toyota
Dec 24-- Market for Corporate Jets Goes Into Free-Fall
Dec 23-- Time to Reboot America
Dec 23-- GMAC’s Bondholders Near Crucial Deadline
Dec 23-- Nearly the End of the Line for S.U.V.’s
Dec 22-- Life Without Bubbles
Dec 21-- White House Philosophy Stoked Mortgage Bonfire
Dec 19-- Tax Break May Have Helped Cause Housing Bubble
Dec 18-- Car Bankruptcy Cited as Option by White House
Dec 18-- After 30 Years, Economic Perils on China’s Path
Dec 18-- The Madoff Economy
Dec 18-- On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real
Dec 17-- In Auto Talks, Paulson Takes the Wheel
Dec 17-- Chrysler to Shut Factories for a Month
Dec 17-- Pan Am Dies, America Lives
Dec 16-- The Great Unraveling
Dec 15-- European Crass Warfare
Dec 13-- A Champion of Wall St. Reaps the Benefits
Dec 13-- The Man Who Is Unwinding Lehman Brothers
Dec 13-- To Build Confidence, Aim for Full Employment
Dec 13-- Before the Fear, There Was Foolishness
Dec 13-- Blank Check for Banks, Pink Slips for Detroit
Dec 13-- Cars, Kabul and Banks
Dec 13-- A Finger in the Dike
Dec 9-- While Detroit Slept
Dec 8-- Auto Bailout Deal Advances as Democrats Offer Draft Bill
Dec 8-- G.M.’s Lutz: Wagoner Is Being Made a ‘Sacrificial Lamb’
Dec 8-- Tribune Files for Bankruptcy
Dec 8-- Wall St. Rallies on Hopes for Stimulus
Dec 8-- Dow Chemical to Cut 5,000 Jobs and Close 20 Plants
Dec 8-- 3M Cuts 1,800 Jobs and Lowers Forecast
Dec 7-- The Real Generation X
Dec 7-- Stoking Fear Everywhere You Look
Dec 7-- In String of Bad News, Omens of a Long Recession
Dec 5-- Reality Check for Detroit
Dec 4-- Auto Executives Face a Hard Sell on Capitol Hill
Dec 4-- Is Chrysler Simply Looking for a Mate? That’s the Take of a Tennessee Senator
Dec 4-- AT&T to Cut 12,000 Jobs as Landline Losses Grow
Dec 4-- The Automakers Plead
Dec 4-- Trump Sees Act of God in Recession
Dec 2-- Pursuing U.S. Aid, G.M. Accepts Need for Drastic Cuts
Dec 2-- Contrite Over Misstep, Auto Chiefs Take to Road
Dec 2-- Budgets Behaving Badly
Dec 1-- Deficits and the Future

Globe and Mail

Dec 27-- Trickledown meltdown
Dec 27-- GMAC mum on bailout hurdle as deadline passes
Dec 27-- How the crisis is taking the 'U' out of the EU
Dec 27-- When markets settle, be ready
Dec 26-- AbitibiBowater CEO: 'The whole world changed'
Dec 26-- How '08 went bust
Dec 26-- `How '08 went bust
Dec 26-- Wall Street closes flat in light trading
Dec 26-- Crude prices rebound, most believe it's temporary
Dec 25-- Japanese auto production marks its worst drop in 40 years
Dec 24-- Economy shrinks 0.1 per cent
Dec 24-- U.S. falls deeper into recession
Dec 24-- U.S. jobless claims jump more than expected
Dec 24-- Oil closes just above $35 a barrel
Dec 23-- Banks, Flaherty spar over lending
Dec 23-- Flaherty promises a short deficit
Dec 22-- Ottawa brokers last-minute deal to free up short-term debt
Dec 21-- Ireland bails out three main banks
Dec 21-- Reaction mixed to Canadian auto aid
Dec 20-- 'We cannot afford ... a catastrophic short-term collapse'
Dec 19-- CAW says it won't budge on compensation
Dec 19-- U.S. unveils $17.4-billion in emergency auto rescue package
Dec 19-- Quebec takes new role in financial bailout
Dec 19-- EA to shutter Black Box studio
Dec 18-- Flaherty picks team to help shape budget
Dec 18-- Harper eyes stimulus worth $30-billion
Dec 18-- Potash Corp. profit warning caps wild year
Dec 18-- Carney has reason to fear bankers' mood swings
Dec 18-- GM, Chrysler reopen talks on merger: report
Dec 17-- McGuinty criticizes banks, says he can't cut taxes
Dec 17-- Awaiting bailouts, Chrysler, Ford halt output
Dec 17-- Bank of Canada has prepared range of options, Carney says
Dec 17-- TSX to resume trading Thursday
Dec 17-- Chrysler halts all production for one month
Dec 17-- Economy to shrink in '09: Flaherty
Dec 17-- Oil tumbles below $40 for first time since 2004
Dec 17-- TSX remains halted, exchange to work through night
Dec 17-- Long-term outlook favours equities: Scotia Capital
Dec 17-- Buy Canada, Goldman Sachs says
Dec 17-- Quebec offers firms $1-billion in aid
Dec 17-- Western Canadian economists 'reluctantly' endorse auto bailout
Dec 17-- OPEC makes deepest production cut ever
Dec 13-- White House weighing bailout options
Dec 13-- A bailout that sticks in the public's craw
Dec 13-- In U.S., Rhode Island hit harder than most
Dec 13-- China pushing ahead despite challenges
Dec 13-- List of victims grows in Madoff fraud case
Dec 12-- The consumer dream gears down
Dec 12-- As car makers suffer, one may thrive
Dec 12-- How high-risk mortgages crept north
Dec 12-- Bailout to top $17-billion
Dec 12-- Ecuador defaults on foreign debt
Dec 12-- Flaherty asks for time to consult on stimulus
Dec 12-- Oil trims losses on promises of auto aid
Dec 10-- CIBC cuts forecast for TSX by 1,000 points
Dec 8-- Tribune files for bankruptcy protection
Dec 8-- Housing starts fall almost 19%
Dec 8-- Anheuser-Busch-InBev to cut 1,400 U.S. jobs
Dec 8-- GM admits it disappointed, betrayed consumers
Dec 8-- Criminal groups threatening capital markets, RCMP says
Dec 8-- Dollar rises on global stimulus announcements
Dec 8-- Stocks surge on Obama plan
Dec 8-- Dollar rises on global stimulus announcements
Dec 5-- Executives pan PM's plan as lacking punch
Dec 5-- Closed mines, broken dreams in the town that nickel built
Dec 5-- GM cutting shift at Oshawa: CAW
Dec 4-- Loonie dives as Parliament suspended
Dec 4-- Stuck on the market
Dec 4-- Oil price sets stage for mergers
Dec 4-- Statoil deals new blow to oil sands
Dec 4-- Chrysler Canada warns of 'slow burn'
Dec 4-- Abitibi axes Nfld. paper mill
Dec 2--Turmoil in Ottawa hampers auto rescue, McGuinty says
Dec 2-- Manulife, in red, raises new equity
Dec 2-- Air Canada fuel hedges backfire as oil drops
Dec 2-- Detroit Three plead for lifeline
Dec 2-- Government funds not needed: Scotiabank
Dec 2-- Canada, Ontario name auto adviser

National Post

Dec 29-- 'This is economic war!' Jarislowsky warns
Dec 29-- Kerkorian sells off remaining Ford shares
Dec 29-- Are you ready to deal with the financial challenges ahead?
Dec 29-- Asset-backed commercial paper gets lower than expected rating
Dec 29-- Tumult in the life of a Calgary oil trader
Dec 28-- Canadian retailers face a bleak New Year
Dec 26-- Catching the economic anxiety bug
Dec 24-- Everyone’s pension plan in the same boat
Dec 24-- Canadian economy shrinks slightly in October
Dec 23-- Ottawa ready to work with small business
Dec 23-- Western entrepreneurs batten down for the storm
Dec 23-- Economy will shrink 1.4% in 2009: TD
Dec 22-- Consumer confidence lowest since early '80s
Dec 20-- Ontario mayors praise auto-aid plan
Dec 20-- Ottawa, Ontario dole out $4B in auto aid
Dec 19-- AbitibiBowater expropriation: ‘No paper, no power’
Dec 19-- High-risk delusions in Newfoundland
Dec 18-- Flaherty recruits his Dollar-a-Year team
Dec 18-- Jim Flaherty and his council of uberachievers
Dec 18-- Canada's auto parts profits seen down $1-billion this year
Dec 18-- Canada could face six years of deficit
Dec 18-- Small 'silver lining' in Big Three failure
Dec 18-- Bernanke's radical inflation plan
Dec 18-- TSX plunges nearly 300 points
Dec 18-- Governments step up efforts to fight financial, economic crisis
Dec 18-- White House mulls Detroit bankruptcy option
Dec 17-- Canada's economy will shrink, warns Flaherty
Dec 17-- Loosen your purse strings, Flaherty tells banks
Dec 17-- Canadian householders face test: BoC's Carney
Dec 17-- Flaherty: Economy 'getting worse month by month'
Dec 17-- Chrysler to shut all plants for at least a month
Dec 16-- Liberals Seek 'True State' Of Economy
Dec 16-- Budget process goes under microscope
Dec 16-- Fed tries to steer economy out of long recession
Dec 16-- Bailout won't save Detroit Three from bankruptcy: Moody's
Dec 16-- Ontario jobs at risk if Detroit Three fail: Report
Dec 13-- 'No decision' yet on auto bailout: White House
Dec 12-- Ottawa, Ontario to give $2.8B in auto aid
Dec 12-- White House may use TARP to help auto sector
Dec 12-- Flaherty open to helping Canadian car industry
Dec 12-- Lack of factory use, automotive woes show extent of downturn
Dec 12-- Detroit workers stunned, angered as bailout stalls
Dec 12-- Stocks tumble, yen surges as auto bailout fails
Dec 12-- End of the oil sands' building frenzy?
Dec 11-- Bankruptcy fears as auto bailout dies
Dec 11-- BoC warns on further credit tightening
Dec 10-- Recession could wipe out the iPod
Dec 8-- Auto bailout can be done, says Flaherty
Dec 8-- Congress, White House close to deal on auto bailout
Dec 8-- Housing starts plunge 19% in November
Dec 8-- Cooling new home market to get 'significantly worse'
Dec 8-- Rewriting home loans not working, warns U.S. regulator
Dec 8-- Enbridge could use share strength as calling card
Dec 8-- Tribune files for bankruptcy protection
Dec 8-- Dow Chemical to throttle back operations
Dec 8-- 3M to cut 1,800 jobs
Dec 8-- E.U. and China leaders plot next moves
Dec 7-- New York Times takes bold steps with its web coverage
Dec 7-- CIBC faces $600M class-action lawsuit hearing Monday
Dec 5-- Brutal arrival of recession in Canada
Dec 5-- Ten Reasons For Some Economic Optimism
Dec 5-- BCE deal lenders hesitant
Dec 4-- Bank of Canada's turn to cut rates
Dec 4-- Flaherty's attention turns to the budget
Dec 4-- Why the PM must persist
Dec 4-- Auto crisis may be the ultimate Catch-22
Dec 4-- Big Three need more than loans, group says
Dec 4-- Oil slips to almost four year lows
Dec 4-- TSX extends losing streak to four days
Dec 4-- Management-led buyout likely for The Source?
Dec 4-- Mining production to fall further, experts say
Dec 3-- Stimulus coming in January budget: Flaherty
Dec 2-- Bay Street looks into political abyss in Ottawa
Dec 2-- Goodale or McCallum for Finance Minister job?
Dec 2-- Bailout or bust time for U.S. automakers
Dec 2-- Canada auto aid to coincide with U.S.
Dec 2-- Canadian auto sales fall 10% in November
Dec 2-- Ford and GM ponder putting Swedish brands on the block
Dec 2-- Coalition would push 2-year stimulus plan
Dec 2-- Rogers lays off 100 media staff
Dec 2-- Atco oil sands project contract cancelled
Dec 2-- Oil drops to US$47, down $100 from record
Dec 2-- Bank of Nova Scotia pulls back on lending
Dec 2-- Economy will shrink sharply next year: Scotiabank
Dec 1-- Economic stimulus would be top priority: coalition
Dec 1-- TSX in biggest drop since Black Monday
Dec 1-- Cap and trade no silver bullet for climate woes: Edwards

World Papers

Dec 28-- Pay cuts and freezes loom for millions in private sector
Dec 28-- Sales stampede too late for Woolies
Dec 28-- Britain plunges down world economic table
Dec 28-- Global links mean a chain reaction of trouble
Dec 28-- Chaos of 2008 causes havoc for predictions
Dec 27-- After a year of shocks, prepare for more in 2009
Dec 27-- Global economy to shrink for first time since the Second World War
Dec 27-- One in 10 shops will stand empty
Dec 27-- Brisk Boxing Day sales fail to lift the gloom as big discounts hit margins
Dec 26-- Credit crunch dents American retirement dream
Dec 26-- Retailers look at a dire 2009
Dec 26-- Japan suffers record fall in industrial output
Dec 25-- GM becomes a bank to gain access to more funds
Dec 22-- Protectionist dominoes are beginning to tumble across the world
Dec 22-- Crisis deepens in Japan and China as Asian exports plunge
Dec 21-- World faces "total" financial meltdown: Bank of Spain chief
Dec 18-- The party's over if deflation grips the economy
Dec 14-- Rescue package for UK car firms
Dec 14-- The great car crash
Dec 14-- Why UK carmakers need a financial jump start
Dec 14-- World’s richest hit by Bernard Madoff
Dec 14-- Wrong time to reach for the euro lifeline
Dec 14-- Pound slips below euro on Britain's high streets
Dec 14-- Brown's £20bn gamble stalked by spectre of deep recession
Dec 14-- What the future holds for ...
Dec 14-- D-Day for Detroit as Big Three plead for lifeline
Dec 14-- Supermarkets' emergency plans to keep shelves full
Dec 13-- Western economies are flailing on an oil-price rollercoaster
Dec 13-- Pound’s plunge is expected to limit cuts in UK interest rates
Dec 13-- India heads for slowdown after rapid fall in factory output
Dec 13-- 'This city is on its last legs. I'm ready to go'
Dec 13-- Southern senators who slammed on the brakes
Dec 13-- Stores see an ice age ahead thanks to the credit freeze
Dec 8-- Why the Bank of England must fight the economic Blitz in a battle for Britain
Dec 8-- Labour claws back over handling of economy
Dec 8-- Falling factory costs raise deflation threat
Dec 8-- Wagon collapse puts 500 British jobs at risk
Dec 8-- Deflation virus is moving the policy test beyond the 1930s extremes
Dec 8-- Il secondo sorpasso?
Dec 8-- BIS warns of collapse in global lending
Dec 8-- Labour back to picking winners, or rather losers it can't afford to let fail
Dec 7-- Jobs come before EU, says Brown
Dec 5-- Sweden, like us, seems to have things in hand
Dec 5-- Denial as the storm gathered
Dec 5-- China slowdown could see oil at $25 a barrel, bank predicts
Dec 4-- 1930s beggar-thy-neighbour fears as China devalues
Dec 4-- China lectures US on economy
Dec 2-- BA in merger talks with Qantas
Dec 2-- UK construction shrinks at fastest pace on record
Dec 1-- UN team warns of hard landing for dollar
Dec 1-- Metal prices fall further than during Great Depression

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