Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Pope joins the cult of Apple

When it comes to meshing the old testament with the new technologies, it seems the Vatican gives its blessing to Apple. An endorsement (or embrace for those that feel uncomfortable about endoresements at the Vatican) that many other technology providers would probably commit any number of deadly sins to receive.

The Vatican has given the official okey dokey to an on line prayer book designed for use with the Apple iPhone. Known as the iBreviary, it provides instant, all be it one way communication with Vatican content providers.

Need some spiritual guidance in between phone calls, then simply punch up your Breviary prayer book application and find solace in any number of languages, the application also includes prayers for the Daily Mass and other specialized prayers for any number of er, applications.

At a cost of $1.10 with free upgrades, you could say that it's a steal, just remember to go to confession afterwards

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