Monday, December 08, 2008


Canadians observed a somber milestone this past weekend, as the Canadian Armed Forces announced the deaths of three more Canadians engaged in the nation’s mission to Afghanistan.

The deaths of Pte. Demetrios Diplaros, 25, Cpl. Mark Robert McLaren, 23, and Warrant Officer Robert John Wilson, 27, brings the total now to 100 Canadians killed in Afghanistan. 99 soldiers and a Canadian government official who have been killed in the chaotic land they had been sent to render aid and assistance and perhaps even a little hope to that troubled land.

As has become one of those homegrown citizen’s commemorations, residents of Ontario lined the overpasses of Highway 401 today from Trenton to Toronto, saluting those that once again have given the ultimate of sacrifices for their nation.

No government department has organized these simple salutes, it has just the thing you do when grief needs to be addressed and families comforted. Neighbours gathering together to pause and remember, aware that a proper respect must always be paid.

It’s a very Canadian response, a very Canadian show of respect for those that this nation has sent to do our bidding.

A sad occasion each and every time, one which reminds us all that as each soldier has fallen, families are in grief, communities across the nation have been deeply hurt and the support for those that have been put in danger should never fail.

Since 2002 there have been 100 more names now forever enshrined in the books of remembrance, a current reminder for our generation, that like those of years gone by they shall never be forgotten.

Take some time to remember their names, learn of their stories and think of their families.

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