Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life on the canning lines through a fish eye lens…

For those that have ever spent a few days of employment in a salmon cannery, the Tyee has discovered a short film that is a must see for anyone that ever had a cannery number.

The short feature created by a Vancouver Island film maker has been making the rounds on You Tube these days, providing an interesting take on the decline of the wild salmon industry and the controversy over the rise of fish farming in the province.

It’s done in a newsreel format and offers up some humour with its message during the course of the three and half minutes running time.


The story posted last week provides a bit of a review of the short film, as well as some background on the stare of the aquaculture industry in the province , as well as some links to further information for those looking for a better understanding of the issue.
Or, just watch the short film, it's well worth the three and a half minutes invested..

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