Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Governor-General saw her shadow, seven more weeks of Conservative rule…

In the end, Mama Jean, on behalf of the Queen, sent all of her elected children back to their rooms, a timeout if you will, a chance to reflect on their behavior and with the hope that when they next gather together in the House of Commons on January 26th they can all just get along.

Her Majesties representative had a two hour and a bit session with her chief advisor the Prime Minster, a no doubt fascinating bit of conversation that judging by the media gaggle was more than an hour longer than expected.

Leading to rather humorous and at times bordering on farcical deliberations as to whether a door, closed or open at Rideau Hall, signaled some kind of secret message as to the state of the nation’s governance. All that was missing from the day’s coverage of the latest moves on the political chess board were puffs of smoke from the Governor General’s residence. White for a continuation of the Conservative Government, Black we guess for the turn over of the nation to the coalition forces, who were apparently impatiently lobbying for their own face time with the GG.

Canadians will be looking for those dusty copies of their dictionaries today (the more tech savvy will be surfing over to seeking out the word prorogation, all in a bid to try and understand why Government has come to a standstill in the face of what we are so frequently told of late is the greatest economic crisis since the Depression.

With the tantrums getting out of control in the House of Commons and the mood of the nation getting particularly ugly, it is perhaps her wisest choice. Turning down the heat on the overheated yelling matches of late that were threatening to lay waste to the nation building exercise that first began in 1867.

Maybe given the benefit of some time back home with their constituents, the MP‘s from all parties will get a better understanding of just what the folks back home feel is important.
Whether they get the message or not won't be known until the return of Parliament in late January.

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