Wednesday, December 31, 2008

About that last election Mr. Mayor

"their expectations are unrealistic about what we can do."-- Burnaby Mayor Derrick Corrigan, explaining to his residents that they may be asking too much of his city and its workers...

The folks down Burnaby way may be re-thinking the wisdom of their electoral vote last November, after the Mayor of Burnaby suggested that they were being unrealistic in their expectations of snow removal for the Lower Mainland municipality.

Mayor Derrick Corrigan, having spent over 1 million dollars of the city's snow removal budget, seemingly to no avail, is telling his residents that the time may be at hand to reduce their expectations when it comes to plowing and sanding the streets.

Not inclined to spend the money on infrastructure that may only be used once or twice a decade, the Mayor instead feels that the people need to better acclimatize themselves to the reality of snow, slush and unplowed streets.

Instead of investing in plows, sanding trucks and such which are the staple of most Canadian cities in winter, the Mayor instead thinks that it might be a good idea for the city to instead put their money into a public awareness campaign for residents about snow management.

Not to be a Monday morning Mayoralty quarterback, but unless the snow management campaign includes the mayor dropping by to help shovel out the residents side streets, we suspect it won't be greeted particularly well.

For the Mayor's hopes of re-election in three years, we hope that Burnaby has a snow free future, otherwise we suspect it might be a Corrigan free future...

CBC News--Adjust your expectations, mayor tells snowbound city

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