Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wow, two trips to the Caribbean in one week

Where the hell did I put the suntan lotion?

How lucky could one family get. Boxing Day we received a call from an automated dialer advising me that we have won a trip to the Caribbean, all we have to do is push that magic number nine on our telephone and we’ll be connected to an operator eager to share with us the details of our trip to the sun and the surf.

Sadly for the family I hung up the phone before I could book the reservations and make plans to apply for a passport.

But tonight, once again we were given a second chance. The phone rings around seven o’clock and here we are again, moments away from the trip of a lifetime, yes if only we follow those instructions and punch number nine it will be short days before we are lounging in the Caribbean Sun.

How can we refuse such an invitation? A trip to the sun, simply by answering the telephone, its just great luck. Two chances in four days, the Super 7 just can’t compete with that kind of temptation.

But, on second thought, I do burn rather easily; best to stay in the rain forest for a little while longer I suspect.

Now I don’t want to be the suspicious type but rarely is anything free in this world, especially an unsolicited phone call that offers up a trip to the sun.

Could it be a phone scam maybe such as this, or maybe one like this. Don’t know for sure, never did punch number nine.

Now if some other lucky Podunkian took the time to punch the number and is now heading off to the Caribbean, kindly keep the news to yourself. Nobody likes a gloater, and I’ll have to do some serious explaining to the family as well.

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