Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spend like Santa, Drink like Scrooge.

A few years ago, Canadian Tire ran a series of commercials where Scrooge was shown some of the great values available at Canada’s destination for automotive, household and sporting supplies.

The Give Like Santa and Save like Scrooge campaign gave way to the happy busy body couple who seemed to have the right tool for the job, the right chair for the campfire and the perfect lawn. They received their lumps of coal earlier this year and a more generic campaign was launched to highlight the many wares available at Canadian Tire.

Now out of West Edmonton comes word of a bonus for Canadian Tire that even the companies’ executives probably never considered. Now wise Canadian Tire shoppers are trading in the ever popular Canadian Tire money for liquid refreshment at a West Edmonton Liquor Mart.

Facing an increasingly competitive market for booze, Liquor International accepts Canadian Tire money at par up to a fifty dollar limit for use in purchasing beer, wine or spirits at their West Edmonton location.

The owners use the Canadian Tire money to purchase supplies for the Liquor store and for another company that they own. They also allow the store employees to purchase the dollars and use them at Canadian Tire for their own personal shopping needs.

The Canadian Tire money belongs almost to a cult of its own, loyal Canadian Tire customers sometimes use it for their own personal purchases, but are just as likely to donate it to local community groups as form of fundraising. As far as loyalty programs go it is perhaps Canada’s most successful reward program.

Maybe it’s time for Canadian Tire to bring back the old advertising icons, Santa and Scrooge. After Santa shows Scrooge around the store and shows how much money he can save, maybe he and Scrooge can take a fistful of dollars off to Liquor International and pick up a 24, now that might help get old Ebenezer into the Christmas spirit! As they say in the new Canadian Tire advertising campaign, "Now that's Different!"

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