Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Well providing the winds don't blow the jolly old elf off to the other side of the date line and he avoids getting hit by the lightning, Santa will soon be on the roof. Which means I had best get to bed, or there will be no soup for me, oops wrong pop culture reference.

We'll wrap up our little Christmas countdown with a list (and yes we checked it twice) of all our clips tonight.

We started the Christmas mood last night with the Podunkian Music Club and a Springsteen sampler. We rolled on through Christmas eve, with Bing and Bowie, Band Aid and a cast of hundreds to set the mood.

From start to finish we featured:

Dennis Miller, The Night before Christmas
The 3 Millers, Jingle Bells
Bowie and Bing
The Grinch who stole Christmas
Tracked Santa with Norad
Feed the World with Band Aid
Santa around the world
Carol of the Bells with the Claymation gang
Santa met the troops
The Beatles old Christmas greeting
The Queen says hello
Marge Simpson does likewise
The most famous Christmas letter ever
John Lennon's Christmas wish
The Pope greets the world
A famous Christmas song
Bing Crosby dreams of a white Christmas
The Pogues unique look at Christmas
Bob and Doug and the twelve Days of Christmas
Stevie Nicks with Silent Night
Monty Python and Christmas in Heaven
Ed Grimley can't sleep
All about your tree
Frankie and Dino
Bender's take on Christmas
Hark a New Born King
Hark A King heralds A Blue Christmas
Many voices recite Twas the Night before Christmas
Bob Hope and Olivia Newton John ring some Bells
The Peanuts gang celebrate the season (I)
The Peanuts gang celebrate the season (2)
The Peanuts gang celebrate the season (3)

Merry Christmas to all our Podunkian visitors, may you enjoy the spirit of the season with your family and friends.

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