Friday, December 29, 2006

A slight difference of opinion..

The bulletin board of the local information portal hacking the main frame is becoming the scene of a boisterous display of point/counter point.

The topic: Where Prince Rupert is today, where it may be going tomorrow..

A few weeks ago, we recounted here on Podunk a letter that first appeared and took to task some of the long time perceptions of life in Podunk. It was an upsetting of the apple cart so to speak, one that has since put the backs up of long time locals, ready to defend the honour of their little corner of the province.

While originally, things seemed rather clinical about the points being made and the rebuttals that would be offered, as can occasionally happen the emotions are quick to rise to the debate.

The latest offerings on htmf indicate that those emotions and observations are going to be ratcheted up a tad, as the great debate as to what's best for Podunk is made.

Many things can get folks around here excited, it seems that high school basketball selections, academic rankings of the schools and now observations on what is right or wrong with the city and its destiny, make for flowery if at times cutting rhetoric as locals head to their word processors.

All of it is being played out in the pages of free newspapers and Internet portals... Sit back or join in if you wish, just stay clear of the shrapnel!!

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