Friday, December 29, 2006

The tyrants turn at the end of the rope

It most likely won’t make Iraq any safer, but there's one less tyrant hanging around. And while I watch CNN and FOX and I wonder how the hell they can tell the difference between “celebratory” and ”directed” gunfire there, (I assume if they don’t have to duck it’s celebratory) one still wonders what is now ahead for the troubled nation

It did seem that the officials in Iraq all of a sudden wanted to get the old business of an old year out of the way and start the new one without any millstones around their necks. Hence today's quick march to the end of a rope, making for a quick to revision to all of those end of the year lists so popular this time of the year.

Still, any day that a despot gets his ticket punched for a one way trip to see Uncle shaitan ( الشيطان ) then it’s a good day. I’m pretty sure that Saddam shan’t be missed anytime soon. Considering the countless numbers that he sent to death over his years of tyranny, there won't be many thinking that justice made an error today.

Throw another log on the fire there Beelzebub, there’s incoming mail heading your way!

And for now, its back to the comprehensive and breathless coverage of the death of despot over at Fox and CNN, who seem quite anxious to project his swinging image at the end of a rope...

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