Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Christmas Countdown

Santa checks up on the troops, landing in Afghanistan to wish our forces there all the best at Christmas time. Dropping off presents along the way at the various outposts in that country, he was probably the most welcome site a soldier, airman or sailor could see.
Along for the ride, the Chief of Defence staff and some of the funniest folks Newfoundland could send along to spread good cheer. Part of the trip into Afghanistan brought Rick Mercer, Mary Walsh and a Montreal group called Jonas to bring a bit of home to those so far away.

Stay safe and return home soon, a Christmas wish for those that we send into harms way. A very Merry Christmas to their families at home, who face more worries than many of us at this time of year.
Drop a line at this link if you wish to send some good cheer their way.

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