Monday, December 18, 2006

The full burden of Christmas falls on the Post Office today

If there is such a thing as a hell day in the Post Office then today is probably it.

Canada Post estimates that more than 45 million pieces of mail will be delivered today, the last Monday before Christmas, traditionally considered the busiest day of the Postal work year.

Three times the normal volume of mail will pass through your letter carriers hands today, before he or she has completed their appointed rounds. Canadians who have left their mailing to the very last minute, will have to be patient this final week.

With that much volume to move, those that waited as long as they have will have no one but themselves to blame. Heading to the Post Office today with a parcel for your aunt or Uncle in Europe is going to be a rather pricey project, the only recourse now is air mail, which depending on size and weight will be on the high end of the financial spectrum and even the jet plane prospects probably are running too late now.

So share a thought for your postie today, through the wind and rain they continue on with their rounds, weighed down to the max, in need of a hot rum and a hot bath by quitting time tonight.

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