Thursday, December 28, 2006

Everybody wanted one, everybody apparently got one and everybody tried to get a song at once!

The Apple iPod once again seems to have been the most popular of Christmas gifts, as the Apple on line store found itself overwhelmed with download requests on Christmas morning.

A reported four times as many users than last year tried to get onto the Apple site to download a tune for the shiny new toy. Only to be greeted by messages advising they couldn’t log on or waits of up to twenty minutes to download a song.

Analysts said the problems likely were the result of too many people with holiday iPods and iTunes gift cards trying to access the site at once.

The problem such as it is, just goes to insure Apple’s place as the dominant force for digital music, the fact that so many people were trying to log on to download songs shows just how much the iPod has captured the imagination of the music seeking public.

It could also be the first recorded event of a Boxing Day line up extending beyond a bricks and mortar store. Just like those that brave the cold, rains and snow, even those that go no further than their computer desk had to stand in line.

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