Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Presents are opened, the Turkey's been eaten and your friends have finished off your booze!

So what's left? The holiday euphoria is almost complete. Santa has come and gone, the food has been picked over until there are nothing but scraps left from the Christmas and Boxing Day dinners, your Open House was a resounding success, though perhaps the neighbours could have gone easy on the beer eh!

For those that have had a successful holiday season so far, we provide a wee little list of a few places that you might wish to think of as 2006 turns into 2007. No pressure here, just a moment to think about those on the other side of the festive celebrations.

While everyone seems to be in a giving mood before the 25th of December, it's those days that come after the New Years parties that will require some extra thought and indeed some desperate help.

When you take the empties back from the Holiday merry making, perhaps put pen to cheque and offer up some goodwill for a new year, the four organizations listed below do a marvelous job of helping those in the most need, should you shake out the cushions and find some spare change from the visitors they can always use a helping hand...

The Salvation Army

Care Canada

World Vision

Covenant House

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