Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Money, Money, Money.... Money

As the last week of 2006 winds towards its end, two stories of riches. One gained, the other one pending.

A 50 year old building operator in Toronto is going to celebrate the new year without a job, after winning 13.2 million dollars in the 6/49. Thomas Bennett picked up his multi million dollar check today from the Ontario Lottery Corporation, danced a little jig and immediately made some plans to make his family all millionaires. He won his winfall on December 20th, but only got around to checking the numbers on Christmas eve.

The single father of two, has apparently become so overcome with glee that he even intends to provide his ex-wife with a share of the good fortune, a truly remarkable turn of events if ever there were one.

He phoned in his regrets to his boss, who apparently mumbled something about a two weeks notice being required, which of course we suspect is purely wishful thinking on the employers part.

His win gives hope for all of us that have played the numbers over the years, Bennett has been a steady player of both the 6/49 and Super 7 for the last fifteen years, winning no more than 104 dollars a few years ago.

So with that in mind, a reminder that the Super 7 jackpot this Friday is at the 32 million dollar mark, the fourth largest in the history of the Super 7 and the seventh largest in the history of lotteries in Canada.

The cut-off for buying your Lotto Super 7 ticket is 6 p.m. on Friday, December 29 and then it's cross your fingers time. Perhaps keep your bosses' phone number close to the telephone just in case!

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