Thursday, December 28, 2006

In Asia the internet is broken

While we're used to the occasional disruption in service of our Internet connections in the Northwest, in the wired world of Asia losing service is akin to a national disaster.

Boxing Day's 7.1 earthquake off of Taiwan has resulted in some huge headaches in Internet and phone service to a number of countries around the Asian basin. From Korea to Japan and China service has slowed to a crawl or just not happened at all.

The situation is causing much in the way of trouble to almost anyone in any nation, from financial executives at Asian trading houses, to banks and insurance companies, to folks at home trying to Google up a recipe, post a blog item or send an e mail. The underwater links to the world have apparently been scrambled, with repairs expected to take possibly up to six or seven weeks.

It's but a small indication of the reliance we now have on the technology and the havoc that can occur when things go wrong. It will be interesting to watch the affect that the service disruption has on the Asian economies and how they cope with the crisis.

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