Saturday, December 30, 2006

Podunkian Music Club

James Brown- Get On The Good Foot/Soul Power/Make It Funky

There is only one candidate and one candidate alone for this week’s Music Club.

The Godfather of Soul, the hardest working man in Show business.

Ladies and Gentleman we present James Brown.

Brown who showed impeccable timing with his exit from our mortal world on Christmas Day, is the reason that many of today’s musicians and singers can collect a paycheque.

Brown gave us the groove, he put the soul into soul music and he is probably the one most responsible for rap and hip hop (both the good and the bad).

From Rick James to Prince, Michael Jackson to Kanye West, and countless thousands along the way, all should say a silent prayer of thanks to the man who laid down the tracks that made an industry.

His shows were legendary, his stamina amazing. To watch his performances is like a full fledged aerobic workout. He is reputed to have been the toughest taskmaster a band could ever run into. If you missed a note, forgot a piece or screwed up in any form you were out, it was as simple as that.

He led a troubled life through his rise in show business, no stranger to the legal system he spent time in prison for a number of sins. Yet year after year, he would provide some of the most original and energetic music to blast out of a radio.

His funeral today carried live for the most part on CNN, was perhaps a testimony to his impact on the world of music. It had to be the liveliest of celebrations of life seen in a long time; we should all exit our stage with that driving bass line and a melody of some of our greatest hits.

Ladies and Gentleman, the Godfather has left the stage! Get ready to find your groove with tonight’s selection.

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