Friday, December 22, 2006

Avs/Flames game put on ice

The weather in Colorado did something that a lot of NHL teams can't do lately, slow down and indeed stop the Calgary Flames.

Thursday night's Flames/Avs match was cancelled due to the weather in Colorado, which featured the worst snow storm to hit Colorado in three years. It was the first time that the Flames have had a game postponed on them since they moved to Alberta.

It was the second sports event in as many nights to be cancelled due to weather as the Suns/Nuggets basketball game on Wednesday was not played due to the blizzard like conditions in Colorado.

No make up date has been announced for the Flames/Avs match up, the Flames now move on to San Jose, providing they can get out of Denver (cue the Bob Seger music) if the travel Gods co-operate the Flames will play the Sharks on Saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada.

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