Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well that's gratitude for you!

News Item: A T and T drops Tiger Woods as a sponsor.

"We are ending our sponsorship agreement with Tiger Woods and wish him well in the future," -- A rather succinct statement issued today from A T and T ending their affiliation with Tiger Woods.

Now we understand that some companies may have a problem with the current personal travails of the Tiger and may wish to take a break from their affiliation with him, especially those American companies that may espouse the cause of family togetherness and all of those heart warming chestnuts of American life.
So today, A T and T is joining that growing list, as the latest in corporate America to drop him from their roster of high profile public personalities that are affiliated with large American companies, apparently deciding that Tiger's Five (or more) isn't something that they should be connected to.

But really, considering the reported amount of late night calling and text messaging that Tiger has taken part in over the last number of years, you would think that AT and T would remain just a little more loyal, after all we would think with Tiger's proclivity with text messaging and phoning, that he certainly helped their bottom line on communication requirements alone over the last few years!

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