Sunday, December 06, 2009

Advice to take a pass on?

Barack Obama has more than enough problems these days what with war, economic troubles and his social agenda of health care suffering from its once lofty goals.

So, the timing of a Golf Digest cover story for next month is probably going to be putting the White House on insulation and isolation patrol.

The monthly magazine of Golf, offers up a main feature for January of Tiger Woods offering up some advice for the President, ten tips to we imagine a better game, uh, the one on the course we hope.

No doubt the helpful suggestions will examined for comedic material for the next month, every tip ripe for double entendres, each one a land mine for the President and his advisers to consider. Lest any trouble making Republicans (or Fox News employees) find use of them in their mission.

Considering the sudden change of fortune for Mr. Woods' image, we suspect that the President won't be taking much in the way of tips from the Tiger anytime soon, at least we imagine as far as Mrs. Obama might be concerned.
Wall Street Journal-- Golf Digest Wants a Mulligan

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