Monday, December 07, 2009

Exercising your chances of employment at the Civic Centre

Everybody gets to play and one might get to work for pay as well!

The City of Prince Rupert has just posted a job opportunity in the Recreation Department, where Michael Curnes, the Director of Recreation and Community Services, is accepting resumes and applications for the position of Recreation Centre Manager.

The lengthy job specifications are posted online at the City's Website, detailing the many requirements of a Rec Centre Manager, as well as a few of the benefits of employment with the City, including what is described as the City's "landmark Employee Wellness Policy, the City provides complimentary access to City Recreation Facilities for all full time City employees"

No terms as to annual salary or municipal benefit package were listed in the prospectus posted on line. Though judging by the lengthy list of expectations and educational requirements we would imagine that this is a position that will provide for a pretty healthy income for the successful candidate.
(Update Dec 7, 9 am- The job posting is listed on the Service Canada Job bank website with a salary listed as ranging from 45,000-60,000 dollars per year plus benefits)

Though you have to wonder if at this time and considering the city's recent thoughts on its financial load, if the City can really afford to fill such a position at the moment and rather if not a division of duties among existing staff might not provide for a more workable financial outcome for a city struggling with its finances and currently lacking in a vibrant tax base to fund such positions.
That might make for a good question at the upcoming City Council meeting on December 14th, where we are sure the debate over spending is an ongoing feature during those in or out of camera sessions.

In a recent report provided by the Canadian Federation of Business, Prince Rupert was listed as a community with one of the largest per capita ratios in spending and a city with a high ratio of employees to population in the province, leaving more than a few residents to wonder how other communities can manage to get by with much less when it comes to salaries and bureaucracy.

Still for those with high ambitions, the quest will begin with a resume, candidates will be short listed, then interviewed with a start date anticipated to be in January of 2010.

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